Introducing the Asexual Book Club

Welcome to the asexual book club! Here I will be submitting an ace-themed book to discuss on the first of every month. You are welcome to join in the discussion at any time. Or just stick around for the review if you’re not much of a reader!

First I am going to be starting with non-fiction, which can all be found in my book summary here:

February: Asexuality Archive’s Brief Introduction
March: Understanding Asexuality by Anthony Bogaert
April: The Invisible Orientation by Julie Decker
May: Ace by Angela Chen
June: Surprise!

After these, I am going to start featuring nonfiction books with asexual characters. If possible, I will be discussing books that are available in both written and audible form so they are easily accessible for everyone.

I already have a couple of really interesting reads lined up, but I am still open to suggestions! So if you have any more ideas then please comment below.

Complete Review of Nonfiction Books on Asexuality

The topic of asexuality is still quite lacking in literature, but there are definitely a few worth reading. In this post, I will be reviewing the three main books on the topic, as well as a couple of hidden gems that you can download for free. So let’s get started!…

Keep reading…

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