Asexual Book Review: A Brief Introduction

Sometimes called “A Fourth Orientation”, asexuality is a sexual orientation characterized by a persistent lack of sexual attraction toward any gender. This book explores love, sex, and life, from the asexual point of view. This book is for anyone, regardless of orientation. Whether you’re asexual, think you might be, know someone who is, or just want to learn more about what asexuality is (and isn’t), there’s something inside for you. This is one of the first books exclusively dedicated to the subject of asexuality as a sexual orientation. Written by an asexual, it discusses the topic from the inside.

The Asexuality Archive is a fantastic resource for asexual people. Their ebook is available for free on their website, or if you want a physical copy you can purchase one for a couple bucks on on Amazon. Can’t go wrong with that!

If you’re just starting to learn about asexuality, then this is the first book I’d recommend. The fact that it’s so easily accessible makes it perfect to dip your toe in, but still has enough information to give you everything you need.

It is laid out in “question answer format”, which makes it easy to find the answers your looking for. It can get a little repetitive at some points, so I would suggest skipping to the parts you’re interested in rather than reading the whole book from start to finish. But either way, it’s still a pleasant read.

I really like the fact that the author has mixed his own personal experience into the narrative. If you’re asexual, you will definitely be able to relate to a lot of his experiences. At many points, I felt myself nodding along in agreement.

If you’re still questioning your sexuality, then this book will definitely answer any questions you might have. If you’ve known that you were asexual for a while, then you might be more interested in some of the longer books, which I will be reviewing in future. But overall, it’s a fantastic read, and I would definitely recommend it.

Next month, I will be reviewing Understanding Asexuality. Feel free to read along with us or join in the discussion on 1st March!

Complete Review of Nonfiction Books on Asexuality

The topic of asexuality is still quite lacking in literature, but there are definitely a few worth reading. In this post, I will be reviewing the three main books on the topic, as well as a couple of hidden gems that you can download for free. So let’s get started!…

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