Asexual Representation in Anime

Anime is incredibly popular within the asexual community, and for good reason. It’s actually the only medium where the majority of characters are asexual.

Although there are few animes that mention asexuality directly, it quickly becomes apparent that asexuality is the norm rather than the exception. This mirrors Japanese culture, where displaying any form of physical affection is heavily frowned upon.

In the same way, most animes don’t show any form of physical touch. It is very rare that any anime characters would even hold hands. If they did, it would likely be at the end of a long series when the characters have spent a while getting to know each other, which is more akin to a demisexual relationship.

There are, of course, some animes with more sexual undertones. But even so, this is only visible to the audience through the use of innocuous camera angles. The characters themselves remain completely oblivious or uninterested. In some cases it might even make them uncomfortable.

Again, going back to the cultural issue, this is very common in Japan. Sexuality is rarely discussed, both in real life and in media. Some might actually argue that asexuality is considered the norm. It is generally assumed that all characters are asexual unless stated otherwise.

So if you are looking for asexual representation, then anime would certainly be a good place to start. Have you ever noticed the disproportionate amount of asexual people in anime? And what do you make of it? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Asexual Film Club

Alongside the asexual book club, I’m going to be introducing a new film or series once a month, this time on the fifteenth. These are all films that feature at least one asexual character. You are welcome to watch along with us or just join in the discussion if you…

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