Acebook: Lessons From My First Week Online Dating

It’s been over a week since I joined Acebook now, so I think I have a pretty good handle on things. I wanted to share what my experiences have been like so far. And maybe give you a bit of insight on what to expect as well!

First of all, the community was much bigger than expected. Apparently there are over fourty thousand users on the site already, and about five people join the site per day.

Out of all those, there were about five hundred people in my local area who had been online within the past year. I guess that seems like quite a lot, but if you narrow it down then the options get a bit slimmer. The ratio between male and female was pretty even. Same with people of all age groups. Depending on what you’re looking for then it may be easier or more difficult to find someone you’re interested in.

I am heteromantic so I first started searching for men within my own city. There were thirty men in my city and age range, and ten of which had interesting profiles that made me want to reach out. So far none of them have actually opened my message yet! However, I noticed that the pace on this site is a little slower than other dating apps so I wouldn’t expect to hear back straight away. I’ve had better luck with people who have reached out to me first.

Ten people have reached out to me in the first week. Out of those, five of them were the basic “hi how are you” with no profile picture and blank profiles. I’m not sure if they are scammers or just really bad at conversation. But I don’t reply to those people anyhow (no offence if you are one!) The other five, however, were all really amazing people. I’ve had really great conversations with all of them! Of course I will have to wait and see how things go, but I am really enjoying getting to know them so far.

I also had some really great conversations on the forum. I posted an “introductory topic” and got about ten replies within the first three days. Which is really quite a lot as far as forums go! So it’s definitely very active. Some of them lived a little bit of a distance from me, but it’s still something that I’d be open to if I met the right person. Though there are of course a lot of people in my local area who I haven’t checked out yet! That’s something I would like to do over the next few weeks.

I certainly hope that I will be able to find my own relationship on there. But even if not, I’ve already made a lot of potential new friends so far, which is definitely a big success in my opinion! I will keep you updated on how things go, and fingers crossed that you might be able to hear some success stories very soon!

Have you joined Acebook yet? What have your experiences been like so far? Please comment below if you have any stories to share!

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