Success Stories: Anelisa

This week, I am featuring our very first success story! I got permission to share Anelisa’s story from Acebook, where she met her queer platonic partner.

I came on here because I wanted to share my success story! I joined Acebook 6 years ago so I see myself as a bit of a veteran.

My partner messaged me not too long after signing up. She ended up messaging me first and I almost passed over her. The reason why I messaged back was because very few people messaged me first – I was the one always reaching out!

I also moved to where she lives about 7-8 months after we spoke because there were more job prospects and lower cost of living. And because I am madly in love with her of course!

Now we have been living together for 5 years and just bought our own house. We got married this past November on our 6 year anniversary.

No regrets and I am thankful for Acebook every day for bringing us together.

The BEST Asexual Dating Site! Acebook Review

After researching the best asexual dating sites, I came to the conclusion that the best option for me was a site called Acebook. I soon realised that it was far more than just a dating site. It’s more like a full blown asexual community. So I really want to share…

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