Asexual Film Review: Lucifer

When discussing asexuality in film, Lucifer is not the first thing that springs to mind. It’s brazen depictions of nudity almost remind me of “The Wolf of Wall Street”. But if you can get past that, it’s a really great show with fantastic asexual representation.

The plot is that Lucifer has escaped from hell and come to earth as human. He wants to prove that he is not a bad guy; rather, that he has been taking the blame for everyone else’s wrongdoings for thousands of years. He soon meets Chloe, a young detective investigating a crime to which Lucifer was a witness.

He becomes enthralled with the idea of finally getting the justice he deserves, and decides to team up with her. So they set to work searching for criminals and other wrongdoers. Of course, after a few adventures they slowly fall in love. But here’s the twist: both characters are on the asexual spectrum.

Chloe is demisexual and Lucifer is demiromantic. Which makes them quite the strange pair! Demisexual means that you do not experience sexual attraction unless you have an emotional bond with that person beforehand. Demiromantic means that you do not experience romantic attraction unless you have an emotional bond with that person beforehand.

In other words, Lucifer is having lots of sex with no deep relationships, whereas Chloe is having lots of deep relationships but no sex. In pursuit of their common goal to capture and punish criminals, they end up forming a deep emotional connection, which makes them compatible both sexually and romantically. This is pretty much unheard of in real life; but it does make for a very interesting romance. It is important to note that neither of them mention their sexuality in the show, but I think it is easy to tell from their behaviour.

Chloe shows no interest in any sexual relationships besides the one with her ex-husband and partner, despite the abnormal amount of conventionally attractive people in the show. This doesn’t even change when she gets drunk, which almost proves that she is demisexual. But the definitive proof appears with Lucifer’s identical twin brother. Chloe is not sexually attracted to Lucifer’s twin because their personalities are so different. If she was allosexual, then she would have been attracted to both twins equally.

Lucifer on the other hand, has not had any romantic relationships except with Eve, who he describes as his first love. He does have a lot of sexual relationships on the show, but none of them develop further. The only person he seems romantically interested in is Chloe. When other characters try to form a romantic relationship with him, he remains decidedly uninterested. This to me confirms his sexuality as well.

Despite their differences, you are sure to find yourself routing for them throughout the show. Of course, there are a few challenges along the way, but they always seem to find their way back to each other. I am glad to see that they managed to get together in the end, and can’t wait to see how their relationship progresses in the final season.

Seasons 1-4 are available on Amazon, whereas Seasons 5-6 are available on Netflix. But if you just want to watch the first half, then you will not be disappointed with the ending of season 4, since that is when they finally get together.

Next month, I will be discussing asexuality in Shadowhunters. Feel free to watch along with us or join in the discussion on 15th April!

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